理事長 寺前秀一

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JAPAN NOW観光情報協会は東京都知事から認証を受けて設立されました。公益法人改革の一環として新たに特定非営利活動法人(NPO)制度が創設されましたが、その中でも極めて早い時期である二千一年四月に設立された歴史あるNPO法人であります。







Board Chairperson  Shuichi Teramae

The JAPAN NOW Tourism Information Association was established with certification from the Governor of Tokyo. As part of the reform of the public interest corporation, a new non profit organization (NPO) system was created. Our association is a historic NPO corporation founded in April 2001, which is an extremely early period.

Postwar Japan accepted more than 7 million returnees from overseas and started recovery from 70 to 80 million people. By the time the baby boomers passed puberty, the population exceeded 100 million, and many Japanese lived with their dreams for the future. The metropolitan area accepted the increasing population, the horizontal axis of the population was moved, and the Japanese economic society enjoyed the population bonus.

However, when the association was founded, the declining birthrate was exclaimed and the population was expected to drop to less than 100 million by 2550. As a result, there was a strong awareness that increasing the number of people who interacted with them would contribute to regional development, and interest in tourism.

Since the establishment of this association, the understanding of the world's tourism has progressed, and various advances have been made such as the establishment of the Basic Act on Tourism Nation Promotion, the abolition of visa for visitors from South Korea, and the rapid increase in the number of tourists visiting Japan from the Far East. On the other hand, crisis management problems such as SARS, the Lehman shock, and the Great East Japan Earthquake have occurred, and in 2000, Covid-19 imposed pedestrian restrictions. In the tourism business, the weight of face-to-face contact is high, and if the movement of people is restricted, the impact will be large. On the other hand, it can be said that there has been an opportunity to actively work on IT, which has been cited as an issue until now.

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have also been postponed, and daily life is also restricted, but at this time, our association can reconsider the activities of tourism with a little time and members can consider the future of tourism. I would like to consider this activity as an opportunity. It has been reported that tourism activities that occurred during the recovery period after the terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States increased the number of short-distance tourism such as domestic tourism, and that the number of online reservations increased sharply. As Covid-19 converges, it is of great interest what kind of changes will occur in Japan. We will continue to carry out the activities we have been implementing until now, such as seminars on tourism-oriented countries, publication of publications, etc., but with the wisdom of our members, we will continue to develop new innovations as an NPO corporation. We appreciate your cooperation.